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Complaints which we will deal with:

We accept complaints about a content on the platform which, in your opinion, violates the Terms of Use. We will examine the complaints within a reasonable period of time and will then proceed in accordance with the terms of use.

Complaints must contain the following information. Otherwise they will be ignored:

  1. The link and full name of the user whose page on contains the disputed content.
  2. The exact copy of the disputed content.
  3. The paragraph of the terms of use which is, in your oppinion, violated by the cited content.
  4. A short (max. 1000 characters) reason why the cited content violates, in your oppinion, the aforementioned paragraph of the Terms of Use.

Complaints that we will ignore:

  • Incomplete complaints or complaints with excessively long justifications.
  • Complaints which do not directly concern content on the platform.
  • Complaints about the journalistic work of a user. Such complaints can be submitted to the Swiss Press Council in accordance with its guidelines. Further information can be found here.

Such complaints will be ignored without feedback.

How complaints are submitted:

If you believe that a page on violates the Terms of Use, please report this to the Central Secretariat of impressum as explained above.

Please send an e-mail to info(at)impressum(dot)ch

If you do not receive a response from us within a reasonable time, the e-mail may not have arrived for technical reasons. If you are of the opinion that your complaint meets the above requirements and no reply has been received, please contact us again. You can find contact details here.

What happens then:

Complaints will be reviewed within a reasonable period of time in accordance with the Terms of Use, and then the Central Secretariat of impressum will respond in accordance with the Terms of Use. There is no possibility of judicial appeal against a decision on complaints or other appeal possibilities against such decisions.